Kersefontein Guest Farm Hopefield Western Cape South Africa
Kersefontein Guest Farm Hopefield Cape West Coast South Africa, near Cape Town Western Cape. Luxury bed and breakfast or self-catering accommodation
Kersefontein Guest Farm • Cape West Coast • South Africa • Tel +27 83 4541025
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Kersefontein honey is harvested from the hives on the banks of the Berg River flowing through Julian Melck's farm. The food for the bees is an exciting combination of wildflowers, which are abundant in the surrounding veld during the West Coast spring, and Euclyptus trees that grow in the estuary of the river. This natural combination of flora results in a marriage of delicate and sweet flavours that gives Kersfontein Honey its unique taste and fragrance.

The hives and their swarms are meticulously maintained by bee-keeper Heinrich Grunder, a local West Coast resident, who brings in the harvest during spring and early summer. All the hives are certified badger-friendly. Bottling and labeling of the glass jars takes place on the farm, from where it can be purchased.

Harvesting the hives guest farm western cape south africa Pouring the honey into bottles guest farm western cape south africa Kersefontein Farm Honey guest farm western cape south africa Kersefontein Bee-keeper Heinrich Grunder guest farm western cape south africa Kersefontein honey for breakfast.